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Along with speaking with your GP, speaking to your loved ones can help make the journey to reducing the risk of heart disease easier. If you or one of your loved ones is living with type 2 diabetes, have a heart-to-heart using the below tips to start the conversation.  

  • Be direct. Heart disease is a tough issue to discuss, but it’s tougher to say goodbye to a loved one.  
  • Be open. Discuss your fears, worries and needs. Remember that you both want the other to be around for a long time, so it’s best to say what’s on your mind.   
  • Encourage them to talk to health professionals to understand risks and what they can do to help reduce them.  
  • Share the good news. The sooner you both know about the increased risk, the sooner you both can take steps to reduce that risk.  
  • Do it together. From being there during medical appointments, to exercising and eating similar meals, tackling heart disease together can make the journey easier.  

If you feel uncomfortable about having the discussion, encourage your loved ones to visit the Take Diabetes 2 Heart website, or download the fact sheet to help start the conversation.